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brass mouse figure with big ears

Collecting Brass Animal Figures: 3 or more Makes a collection

Kristy Dodson
Kristy Dodson


For whatever reason I have tried to deny that I am a collector. Did it get a bad rap years ago because of the word hoarders? Maybe so, but now I am embracing it because I know that a good collection tells a story, creates history, and simply brings joy to my life. I am newly drawn to decorative brass. In particular, collecting brass animal figures that bring curiosity to a shelf or a stack of books and simply give life to a quiet corner.

grandmother opening a gift

I have sweet memories of my grandmother’s collections around her home. She had a unique bell collection and was a collector of all things “owl”. I’m lucky enough to have a few of her collected pieces; they are my connection to her.

I recently asked myself what makes my things become collections? A simple definition from Merriam Webster confirms that yes, I have a collection (if I am being honest, I have many!) I guess what I have always heard still holds true: have 3 or more of something that you love and you find yourself becoming a collector with a collection.

: something collected

especially: an accumulation of objects gathered for study, comparison, or exhibition or as a hobby

Merriam Webster Dictionary

My Brass Animal Figure Collection: 3 Or More Makes A Collection

brass mouse figure

This little guy was my first brass animal. I really do not know how I came to have this, but I have had it since I was very young. I recently grabbed it from my childhood bedroom after seeing one just like it in Texas.

Maybe “collecting” is my way of justifying my purchases; collections create history, bring back sweet memories and spark conversation among friends.
brass owl figure

This brass owl was added before my collection was a collection. It was part of my grandmother’s owl collection.

All of these were purchased while in Texas. The fish tray came from Bar W in Warrenton, Texas and was covered in dust and grime- it was worth a little digging! I later saw an identical one down the road for three times the price! The big-eared mouse was tucked away in an antique booth at Marburger Farm in Texas; he was just waiting on me to take him home. In LaGrange, Texas I popped in a tight little antique store while waiting on friends and I found this tiny brass pitcher. I need to find its history. Have you seen anything like this? It has a palm tree etched on one side and a camel on the other. Talk about a conversation starter.

Not an animal, but irresistible nevertheless! Stumbled upon this during a recent thrift store visit.

What will you collect?

Maybe after reading this you too will have a fondness for the word collecting. Find something that sparks nostalgia within you and just go for it. Remember…3 or more makes a collection and a collection creates joy! Once you find it, I hope you’ll share it.

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