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Huffy story

Kristy Dodson
Kristy Dodson


My pink Huffy bike is something I have fond memories of from my childhood. I would spend hours riding around my driveway pretending to be a school bus driver- I should’ve known then that I would one day thrive on a schedule!! I never minded that I was playing alone. In fact, that is usually what I preferred. This was my time to let my imagination flow and I even talked to myself without judgement or interruption. To some, this may sound like a lonely playtime for a child, but for me it was exactly what I needed and I know now that time prepared me for the times in life when I need to think clearly and I need to be okay being alone.

I tell you this to maybe give you some insight as to why I have searched for many months, maybe years, for a new adult-size Huffy. Cruising around on a bike is not only good exercise but gives me time to clear my head, allow my mind to wonder, and enjoy seeing something new around me that I would typically miss from a car window or even on a walk.

I have searched online, gone to yard sales and estate sales, and frequented thrift shops in small towns when we travel. Finding a beach cruiser has not been as easy as I had imagined. Honestly, people like to keep these bikes whether they use them or not. I think they hold quite a bit of nostalgia. Maybe they give us a sense of peace and memories or dreams of vacation. Either way, I was determined to find a cruiser and I finally did just that.

This cruiser was actually found at an estate sale that was only 7 miles from my home. It had been thrown into a pile of other bikes in the back lot of a home where residents had passed away and the family was clearing out. As I asked about the bike, the gentleman who once lived there walked up and said “I actually put two different sets of tires on this bike for my wife, but she never would ride it.” As I continued to chat with him about my search and where I would be riding, we formed a connection and I believe his emotional attachment to the bike was loosened and he began to feel okay with letting his wife’s bike move on to a new rider.

Knowing the history of this bike adds to the charm. I am thrilled with my purchase and cannot wait to clean it up, add a basket and begin creating a new story with this Huffy.

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