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Tailgating, Friends, and a Cheeseboard

Spontaneity can often be the best thing to happen. It brings about the type of joy that is organic and comforting. This is the kind of joy we found when some friends texted and invited us to come to Texas. Georgia to Texas in a day is no easy task. But…without much discussion we said yes and were on our way within 48 hours-maybe less. Tailgating, friends and a cheeseboard were just one of the joys found while in Texas.

Always Prepare for the Day

Our first full day in Texas was spent shopping and sightseeing in Round Top. Before we headed out, we grabbed various “leftovers” from the fridge just to be sure we could intercept any hangry attitudes.

Blue Hills at Round Top Texas
Blue Hills at Round Top Texas with our Georgia friends

Tailgating with Friends

Picture perfect weather and the purchase of an antique cheeseboard was all it took for my dear friend and I to create a unique snack from the goodies we had spontaneously packed that morning. With a quick release of the tailgate and the spreading of the truck blanket (if you don’t keep one handy, go ahead and do that today!) we enjoyed a lunch that was not only about the food-yes, it was delicious- but it was about the moment that could’ve been so easily overlooked and rushed but instead gave us all time to relax, laugh, and enjoy the beauty that was under that Texas pecan tree….just for us.

It doesn’t take much to pull together joy from tailgating. What I have found to be important is to recognize an opportunity and go for it. Life gets so rushed and can easily zap our joy. Be intentional and create the life you want. It doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy; it just has to be for you!

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