Kristy Dodson

Do you ever ponder those past forks in the road where you may have chosen the safe path over the desired path? So many things can influence us to make decisions we may not necessarily regret but wonder how it could have turned out differently.

A Fork In The Road

Following 17 years in the classroom as a teacher, obtaining multiple degrees and certifications in education, and raising two children, Kristy approached the most consequential fork in the road of her life.

Like the rest of us, she spent time in quarantine during most of 2020. Decidedly though, she did not simply wait for things to go back to “normal”. Kristy wisely used this time for introspective thought, self-analysis, and auditing her life.


Daybook.Blog represents Kristy’s epiphany that a well-lived life lies somewhere between keeping a ledger of prosperous daily activity and a journal of thoughts, emotions, and observations. Such is a daybook.

Daybook has become a place where thousands of readers find chance discoveries, travel ideas, nourishing foods, and daily curiosities. A place where you join your friends and always find your favorite comfy spot. The tagline, “The Curiosity of You” is an invitation to come along with Kristy as we seek a life well-lived.

Stay Curious

Join her in discovering what life looks like when you let curiosity overrule imaginary boundaries. Comment on her stories, share your experiences, and get to know her and yourself at the same time.

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