Top 5 Farms To Visit: An Amish Community in Tennessee

I have been curious about the Amish for quite a while, but a trip to Ohio or Pennsylvania has seemed out of reach for me (time, money-simply thinking it was out of reach). Did you know there is an Amish community in Tennessee? Well, I learned this in September of 2020 and wasted no time making plans to get there.

Listen To Your Friend

While visiting the lake house of our “camping friends“, I see the beautifully, hand-crafted baskets she uses all over her house. I have to ask and I’m glad I did…she tells me all about her visit to Amish country in Ethridge, Tennessee. Yes!! An Amish community in Tennessee! We make traveling plans and visit in May 2021. I am thrilled to share my pictures, the history, my purchases, and all of the goodness that is in this Amish community!

Camping Near Amish

It is Memorial Day weekend and we are in Ethridge, TN. We camp at a nearby campground but honestly, the town is small with little traffic so don’t worry too much about convenience of location. As a side note, when I return (because I certainly will) I will stay at the David Crockett State Park; it is beautiful and only a short drive to the town of Ethridge.

Amish Sights and Sounds

Ethridge, TN is about 90 miles southwest of Nashville and just under 300 miles from Atlanta, GA. When you arrive you’ll see two Amish Welcome Centers and most likely a horse-drawn buggy…or two. We arrived in the evening and as we sat outside for dinner, I could hear the quick tapping of the horseshoes and see the small lights of buggy lanterns. The Amish were moving about at night headed home to their farms. It is a sound that quickly becomes familiar and calming.

Horse-drawn buggies are impressive sights in Ethridge.

A Good Conversation

The Amish in Lawrence County, TN are of the Swartzentruber lineage from Mississippi and Ohio. There’s roughly 1500 Amish here living within 10 church districts . I had the amazing privilege to sit and talk with one of the Amish in his rug shop. He is a talented rug maker and welcomes you into his shop for conversation. We quickly learn from one another and gain respect for both ways of life. He allowed me to meet his daughter and his dog Daisy. Definitely a highlight of the visit since conversations with “the English” (that is what they refer to us as) are not sought after.

Look For The Signs

On the roadside you will see their simple, white and black hand-painted signs that tell you their craft/trade specialty. Pull into the driveway, get out and head to the modest porch or barn. Your car door serves as their doorbell-one of them will meet you there (often a child or teen). Be sure to take cash as this is the only way to buy the treasures you will find.

Amish Trades Available May 2021

  • Furniture (tables, rockers, swings)
  • Leather Goods
  • Loaves of Bread
  • Candy
  • Woven Rugs
  • Farriers
  • Seasonal Produce
  • Quilts
  • Canned Goods (vegetables, jams, jellies, honey, molasses)
  • Soaps
  • Candles
  • Cutting Boards
  • Rolling Pins
  • Baskets
  • Bird Houses

A few finds in the Amish Community…

Tennessee Amish

This conservative community of plain clothed, simple lifestyle is really quite intriguing. For me, it is fascinating! As you drive through the community you can’t help but admire the beautiful landscape and take note of the white houses and red barns. These are the the Amish farms.

Top 5 Amish Farms To Visit:

  • 34 McDowell Road: Rolling Pins and Cutting Boards
  • 42 Bud Taylor Road: Baskets, Candies, Canned Goods
  • 64 Gray Road: Woven Rugs
  • 9 Cross Road: Bentwood Rockers and Wooden Boxes
  • 629 South Brace Road: Baskets and Handmade Brooms

Take The Time

This is definitely a top “one-tank” trip on our list. I’m so thankful for the casual conversation I had with a friend that led me to experience a lifestyle that has inspired me to embrace the blessings of my life while appreciating and respecting others. Whether it is with the Amish or another community, I hope you take time to discover something new that will refresh you. As always, please share your travels and curiosities with me-I can’t wait to hear from you!

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  • Carolyn Smith
    June 4, 2021 at 9:54 am

    I lived in St. Mary’s county, MD for 20 years where there is a large Amish community. They were the go to for all kinds of things: refinishing furniture, fresh veggies, crafts, etc. So cool to drive on Friendship Rd. and see a guy plowing a field with a team of horses or mules! And they were out on the roads with their buggies. So interesting.

    • Kristy Dodson
      June 6, 2021 at 10:06 pm

      I agree! John and I found their community so interesting and peaceful. We are already wishing we had bought more than one jar of the raspberry jam they were making. We will definitely be going back-maybe even to MD or Ohio one day.


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