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An Event Can Become An Escape: A Cottage Worth Sharing

Kristy Dodson
Kristy Dodson


An event can become an escape and I have a cottage worth sharing that just may be the inspiration you need and the change of pace that can make all the difference.

A quick overnight stay in a place where someone else has thought of all the details might just be what you need every once in a while. Throw in a little historical charm and I am tempted!! However, if you are even a little like me, you may initially think this sounds a little extra but take my advice: read and then give this idea a try.

The Event That Brought Us Here

The wedding invitation came months in advance and we didn’t think much about it. We returned the RSVP card and placed the invitation on the June calendar. Like everyone, we became busy and before we knew it, the date was just around the corner. The beautiful venue, The Bibb Mill Event Center, is a solid two-hour drive from home and the wedding is in the evening. Since we knew we would want to stay and enjoy the ceremony, our friends, dinner, drinks, wedding cake, and dancing, an overnight stay was planned and we are so glad we made an event become an escape.

The Historic District

Years ago we actually lived in the same town as the event so the idea of going back is something I didn’t think twice about. As soon as we drove down the brick streets, made our way to Broadway and into the historic district in Columbus, GA, we started seeing how things had changed and what was still as we left it.

The historic homes are just part of the reason I could not wait to see where we would be staying the night.


Just past the railroad tracks, we found the backyard cottage behind the owner’s main house. We followed the side driveway that led us to our private parking area and to the front of our home for the night.

The Cottage Charmer

We found this 170-year cottage on Airbnb and were so pleased to find that the pictures were exactly what we would enjoy inside this cottage charmer. The owner has not only created a well-planned interior space but has given beautiful attention to the garden areas and outdoor spaces. He has a sitting area around a firepit and uses the blooms from the cutting gardens to create fresh arrangements inside the cottage.

First Impression Of Our Escape

My first impression is that the attention to detail is undeniable!

No Detail Forgotten In This Cottage

Entering the cottage, we realize that the doors and hardwood floors are original. The ceilings are vaulted and the walls are covered in shiplap. This is a one-room cottage but it is divided by a brick fireplace, which offers just enough privacy. The bathroom is newly remodeled but its original and unique character has been preserved through the use of the original small doorways.

The furnishings are a mix of vintage and new and this gives you such a comforting feeling while inside. The best part…the bed was one of the finest I have slept on while away from my own. The linens were soft, clean, and not over-done. Honestly, not much has been overlooked here. I am certainly thankful we realized an event can become an escape and even more grateful to have found a cottage worth sharing.

This downtown historic district cottage charmer gets rave reviews (4.98!). If you find yourself in Columbus, GA, go ahead and book this one early!

If you want the quintessential southern city experience then Amaree’s place has it all. It is a wonderful blend of history and modern convenience. We’ll definitely choose to stay here again.

John, Airbnb Review

Don’t miss the chance

Next time an invitation comes your way, consider that an event can become an escape. You may not be able to travel or stay the night, but add a little personal touch to your next outing or getaway. You may be surprised at how well-lived your life will quickly become.

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4 Responses

  1. Ahhh, Kristy, How sweet!! I never knew you all found such a great destination in Columbus. So glad we could aid in your discovery! We are ready to do some exploring with you guys! Love you all and so glad I discovered your blog. How did I not know about this!!

    1. I am so glad you are here! We are always ready for another Tucker-Dodson adventure. Now you know why I take so many pictures! Ha! Thank you for reading. Hope to see you soon:)

  2. Wow! The Columbus cottage + cool wedding! I don’t know Columbus but your post makes me want to.

    1. Columbus is an interesting place. We lived there for almost 2 years and really loved it. It has a lot of history! This cottage is a wonderful get away and it is right downtown amongst the older homes, which I love. Glad you enjoyed the post.

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