Golden Sage herb potted in orange pot
Kristy Dodson
Kristy Dodson


If you’ve followed along this spring, you know that herbs are my go-to garden essential this year. Keeping herbs handy and quickly accessible has been this week’s focus. Unfortunately, my main garden is not right outside my backdoor. Therefore, I knew I needed to create a mini herb garden that I can cut from as I cook.

Let me share my antique Texas treasure with you! While antiquing in Round Top, Texas last fall, I found this curvy, round, iron plant stand. As typical for my shopping style, I did not buy it right away. The frugal shopper in me waited to be sure it was the deal I wanted. If you are an antique shopper or “thrifter”, you know this is also a game of chance. Lucky for me, this lovely piece was still waiting for me on our last day. I sent my husband in with a maximum price of $40 and out he walked within 10 minutes, loaded the truck and off we went!

You can see the iron detail
that made me want this piece!

Once spring began to show up in Georgia, I started looking for the right pots to fit my stand. I was quite surprised when I found nearly enough pots tucked away, covered in dust and spider webs in my mother-in-laws garage that fit my stand perfectly. Honestly, I prefer this to new any day! I would much rather be surrounded by things that tell a story or have a family connection; this just creates charm. Is it just me?

Fast forward to Mother’s Day. What do you think my intuitive mom gave me…nothing other than a unique, beautiful, golden sage plant. I add other Bonnie Plant favorites to the mix and suddenly I have my herb garden ready for clipping right at my back door. Keeping herbs handy is such a useful idea for anyone who cooks anything!!

Do you ever see a delicious looking dish online or in a magazine and just can’t get it off your mind? This happens to me all the time….and that is usually how I decide what’s for dinner. One of the reasons I am keeping herbs handy is to be able to quickly duplicate what I see. Currently, my favorite chef is Jamie Oliver. I LOVE watching him and listening to his tips. He makes cooking accessible and his recipes are delicious! His Lemony Courgette Linguine is one of my go-to recipes. I’ve used my fresh mint many times but I also change up this recipe to use whatever veggies are in the house. My favorite variety is to use green peas, asparagus, and fresh basil (also from the back door garden). Pair this with rotisserie chicken and you have a very satisfying dinner!

Lemony Courgette (zucchini) Linguine

If you are curious as to why I have rocks on top of each potted plant, the wildlife on my deck believe that my pots are there for their digging pleasure. This is a battle every year so this year I have to try something new. If you have tips for keeping the wildlife at bay while still enjoying their visits, please be sure to share! Meanwhile, enjoy the warmer weather, try growing your own herbs, cook an easy dinner, and stay curious.

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Kristy Dodson

Kristy Dodson

I’m Kristy, the Daybook curiosity guide. Daybook is my archive of daily goings-on and journal for recording thoughts. Visit often, comment and let’s stay curious.


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    1. I would love some lemon thyme! I bet that would be good in a simple pasta dish. Do you have this planted in your garden or in a pot? Wondering if it will survive the winter like rosemary and mint?? It is the best when they return in the spring without us having to do anything!

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