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4 americana folkart paintings on wood

Inspiration Meets Curiosity: Folk Art Caught My Eye

Kristy Dodson
Kristy Dodson


When I get ready to redecorate a room or start any creative project, I look for an inspiration piece. This takes the guesswork out. The piece often inspires a color palette, a design theme, or best of all…motivation! On a recent antiquing trip, a collection of folk art caught my eye, and suddenly, inspiration meets curiosity. The history that I discovered made my purchase even more exciting.

Railroad track running in front of a brick building
The town of Carrollton is full of inspiration.

A Change of Scenery

On Saturday, I visited one of my favorite antique shops in Carrollton, Georgia called Feathers and Twigs. After a week of being at home, I really just went seeking a change of scenery. However, I knew there would be temptation in this shop (let’s just be honest, right!). We all need a place or hobby that offers us a breather from the day to day and antiquing is just that for me.

Front door of Feathers and Twigs antique shop in GA
Even the entrance is cute!

Inspiration Called My Name

I was 20 feet from the front door and ready to pay when I looked down and saw the perfect four pieces of artwork. They were propped under a shallow table on the floor and I’m not even sure why I looked down there. Well, yes I am. My inspiration meets curiosity when this folk art caught my eye. The colors are patriotic without being too bright and the theme was right on target with my ideas for a bedroom make-over.

Four Americana folk art pieces displayed on a white bench
All-American Folk Art

Inspiration Meets Curiosity

Initially, I did not even pay attention to the fact that these are signed by the artist and are originals. My inquisitive husband started researching the signature and we found that the artist is Edward H. Fickett. Interestingly enough, his architectural talent is fairly easy to find, but little can be found about his artistic and expressive side. The style in which he crossed his double “tt” in his last name is unique and helped us match his art to his architectural drawings. Two of the paintings are signed on the front and two have full signatures on the back.

Who Is Edward Fickett?

After a good bit of searching and comparing information, we now know that the artist is Edward H. Fickett. Fickett (1916-1999) was an architect from southern California. He designed thousands of mid-century homes as well as housing for military bases, restaurants, and cargo terminals.

California Moderne and the Mid-Century Dream: The Architecture of Edward H. Fickett

An Architect to Remember

He is known for designing Hotel Cabo San Lucas, the Los Angeles Police Academy, and the Port of Los Angeles Passenger and Cargo Terminals. But one of his most impressive works is Dodger Stadium. Dodger Stadium was designed by O’Malley and New York-based architect and civil engineer, Emil Praeger with support from Los Angeles-based Edward Fickett, FAIA, a fourth-generation California native and prolific architect who brought a regional flare to the engineering feat that is Dodger Stadium. [1]Dodger Stadium History

Fickett’s contribution of style and color gives the building a uniquely Southern California 1960’s “modern” style.

No Coincidence

Maybe a coincidence and maybe not, I have always enjoyed architecture, and the mid-century modern style has been one of my loves for so long. When in college, I studied interior design and Frank Lloyd Wright’s style was one of my favorites. As I researched Fickett’s work, I could not help but compare the two. Funny how a quick stop in an antique shop brought together my love for art, collecting, and mid-century architecture.

A Closer Look at the Collection

Let Inspiration Meet Curiosity

Inspiration does not always lead me to dive this deep into something, but this was such a unique find. As soon as I get the room underway, I will share the final look with you. Inspiration really can be found all around us. Whether you are seeking to be inspired or just taking a day to refresh your spirit, take time to pay attention to the things that catch your eye…they just might be your next inspiration.

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