4 Herbs to Start

This year my garden will have a heavy focus on herbs. I have found that herbs are something I use all the time no matter what the dinner menu. I also find that herbs are expensive at the grocery store and much of what I buy goes to waste when I cannot use them quick enough. So…. this year I am beginning early and planting as many different types of herbs as I can manage.

In an earlier post, I mentioned starting Burpee seeds in Jiffy pots and so far, it is going quite well. I have basil and dill sprouting. I am still waiting on the cilantro to peek out but it is early yet. Hopefully, these will continue to flourish and can join the main garden soon.

Starting herb seeds by using Jiffy Pots and placing them in a container for easy transport.
Basil and dill are sprouting!

While I wait I will begin to clean out my garden. Lucky for me, I had a rosemary plant and a parsley plant survive the winter and they’re both flourishing early this spring! My garden dog/companion is named Sugar. She loves to go to the garden with me. If you need company and a peaceful experience in your garden, a sweet puppy is the way to go. She keeps guard, chases frogs, and stays close by my side.


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