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This years' garden will have a heavy herb focus.

4 Herbs to Start

Kristy Dodson
Kristy Dodson


This year my garden will have a heavy focus on herbs. I have found that herbs are something I use all the time no matter what the dinner menu. I also find that herbs are expensive at the grocery store and much of what I buy goes to waste when I cannot use them quick enough. So…. this year I am beginning early and planting 4 herbs to start.

In an earlier post, I mentioned starting Burpee seeds in Jiffy pots and so far, it is going quite well. I have basil and dill sprouting. I am still waiting on the cilantro to peek out but it is early yet. Hopefully, these will continue to flourish and can join the main garden soon.

While I wait I will begin to clean out my garden. Lucky for me, I had a rosemary plant and a parsley plant survive the winter and they’re both flourishing early this spring! My garden dog/companion is named Sugar. She loves to go to the garden with me. If you need company and a peaceful experience in your garden, a sweet puppy is the way to go. She keeps guard, chases frogs, and stays close by my side.



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  1. Herb garden: I also have oregano and marjoram. And a different kind of sage. I agree on buying grocery store fresh herbs. Expensive then gone.

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