Biscuits and coffee on a table in a diner
Kristy Dodson
Kristy Dodson


Timing is everything. This phrase sure is thrown around by many. I often consider it to be a suggestion of what I can control. If I do this, then that will happen. But, what if I have it all wrong? Maybe the timing is not about me but about what is needed. The happenings of Thursday have shifted the way I think about timing.

Check The Tires

The yellow blinking low tire light has been tolerated and talked about for way too long at our house. The tire sensor lights have been coming and going on my dash. At some point, we unknowingly decided we do not know if the air is low, or the sensors are worn out. We check the pressure. We add air. We move on.

Thursday was different. John was heading out of town, so I asked him to double-check my tires the night before. It is uncanny how “mishaps” come about when I am holding down the fort alone. Since I knew I’d be driving to estate sales over the weekend, I tried to deflect trouble. Just as the smell of dinner began to fill the kitchen, he came in and said “There’s good news and bad news. Your tire pressure is fine, but you have a screw in the front left tire. It hasn’t been there long, but you’ll need to take care of it tomorrow.” I thought… of course, perfect timing but isn’t timing everything? I’ll admit I was irritated.

The Luckiest Customer

I knew I needed to be there when the doors opened at 7:30. This locally-owned tire shop’s schedule stays booked. They do excellent work and take care of their customers; going elsewhere was not an option. I was second in line and passed my keys over the counter and took a seat where others had before. Within 10 minutes, six others joined me in watching HGTV and thumbing through a dusty stack of Marietta High School yearbooks. I only lasted 5 minutes in the fluorescent lighting before I headed to the bench outside. It was chilly but the sun was rising so I considered myself the luckiest customer.


I’ve lived in the area for years and to my surprise, I never knew there was a bugle call every morning at 8 AM. Today I was grateful to hear this sound. I was second in line, my tire would be patched, the bench faced the sunrise, and I took in the sound of Reveille. I had my day under control. But I’d soon be reminded that timing is everything.

Not So Under Control

Lance came out looking for me. He and I had not met but he is one of those who you quickly knew you could trust. Again, I heard “there’s good news and bad news.” He could have my tire patched and I’d be on my way in no time. But he didn’t recommend I drive another mile with my car in the “condition” it was in. My tires were wearing down in an odd way resulting in paper-thin treads. The alignment was off, and my back brakes were metal on metal. The recommended repairs were many, and I knew he was shooting straight with me. After all, they had more work than they could finish in a day so why add another?

So, it turns out I didn’t have my day under control. John was out of town and would not be picking me up. As most daughters do, I thought of my daddy. I knew he would be awake and if for some odd reason he wasn’t, he would pretend to be when he saw my number on his phone. I gave him the summary of the morning, but I knew he was already halfway down the hall…headed to grab a shirt, his wallet, and keys. No questions asked (yet) and he was on his way. In no time, it was just me and my daddy. We both wanted coffee and a buttery biscuit sure would be nice too.

More Than Coffee

Red-Eyed Mule was close and already packed with early-morning diners. There was only one booth open but… there was a booth open. We ordered, sat in the open booth, and waited for our biscuits. Dad saw various people he knew and went to say hello. This was good for the soul (his and mine). The server placed a fresh pot of coffee on the counter, gave us a wink (she was already 3 steps ahead), and I filled our cups, twice. We caught up on silly stuff that should’ve been shared weeks ago. We shared silence, coffee, and time. When I thought we were full, we even shared the rest of my biscuit. Dad reached over and took the bottom half and added a little strawberry jam.

Biscuits and coffee on a table in a diner

Timing is Everything

This morning Reveille played at sunrise. It means to “wake up”. Thursday reminded me that I needed to wake up. Timing is everything, but time is not the problem. I thought Reveille was simply music to my ears, but now I know it was a wake-up call; a time to pause and reflect on what is important. The screw in my tire was more than an inconvenience. It was a chance to be available for what truly matters. I had the unexpected gift of time with my daddy. A time that I regularly think about grabbing, but rarely do. A screw in my tire and the sound of Reveille were my wake-up calls to what my heart knew I needed. Timing is everything… let us listen for the Reveille.

Stay Curious,

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Kristy Dodson

Kristy Dodson

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