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To Write

Kristy Dodson
Kristy Dodson


I want to write. I think about writing every day. I have a transcript running through my mind almost all the time. I used to think maybe I was just strange, but the more I read and hear from writers the more I realize that this is what a writer does. If we pay attention, we hear the story that is being written through everything we touch, smell, and feel. A writer lives within us all; you are telling your story.

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Unfolding My Story

How do we know what we are created to do with this life? I have pondered this for as long as I can remember. As a young adult, I didn’t concern myself with this question. I simply floated into whatever life presented. I did not have a transcript playing, questioning, or even existing. My story was unfolding without much reflection and that was okay…. then.

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Notice The Voice

Today I took notice of the voice. It is the one that has been tapping on my conscience and waking me up at night. I fear that voice. It has started to sound different these past few years; almost unrecognizable.  It intimidates me and I have no idea why. What if the voice is right and I find what I am created to do? Am I obligated to respond once I speak its name?

Day after day I make myself busy doing the things that I think matter. You know the things…. clean, cook, make the bed, spend time outside, exercise, organize something. These things never go away even when I give them all of me. This is not what our inner voice is concerned with. The voice is calling me to find what needs to be done in this world. Discover what I am here to contribute. Hence, to see its beauty and give it a name.

Find The Romance

Romance has taken a front-row position in my mind. Three years ago, I would not have had this thought…much less the time to think. I’m not referring to the immediate understanding of romance. That is a topic for another post, or maybe not. My reference to romance is one that makes each moment we experience better.

As my daily transcript plays in my head, I find value and beauty in the strangest of places.  A small glass dish that catches her ring, the dust that dances in the sunbeams over the dining table, a cooling mug of coffee not yet finished but left beside his chair, or a simple single flower drying in a vase.  These are the things that have been allowed enough time to wander into my thoughts. Before, the thought of writing was never given space to bloom. My mind was too cluttered, too busy. Now I have begun to see through a different lens. The old lens is not bad; it is simply an old perspective. Seeing romance each day has given my inner voice space to be heard. I’m learning to listen, but it is not easy. Look up as the sun sets for this is where romance is found.

A Thirst To Write

As for knowing what we are called to do…. well, I am convinced we never fully understand. As we move through life, we change. Our talents, locations, interests, beliefs, and even visions shift. You do what you are created to do as the time comes. I may never stop worrying about whether I am satisfying my Creator, but I am finally seeing that life is dancing, crawling, and often racing and we are here to participate.

I have a thirst to write and that is what I will do. Maybe for a day and maybe for years. Either way, it seems to be the only way to share the romance that has decided to perch on my shoulder these days. How does your transcript sound? Won’t you share it with the world?

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