A handmade pottery sign that reads The Potter's Barn with a doorbell in the middle.
Kristy Dodson
Kristy Dodson


Experiencing someone who has allowed a passion to follow her and is eager to share it makes for an enlightening afternoon. Meeting the artist, Alicia Lowe, at The Potter’s Barn was exactly that. Passion in the form of daily life.

Handmade pottery plant hangers on the wall of a potter's barn.
The entrance was adorned with what she called "unsellable art"...I loved them all.

Passion looks different as you go

Before I go too far, I will agree with what many think. The word passion is often overused and can create stress. The idea that life is not complete until you follow your passion is just too much for me to digest. After all, passion is something that has looked very different throughout my whole life and not something that I have been able to consistently follow.

A collection of pottery and glass jars on a high shelf in a potter's barn.
Alicia's many collections are proof of how passion comes and goes.

It Is about discovery

Passion is more about discovery and isn’t that how life flows? My passions change as I uncover new interests and learn new skills. As a teacher, I always came alive when it was time to teach writing. It excited me because this was the time of day when I really got to know my students. Whether they realized it or not, they were expressing themselves and revealing their current passions. I was not writing as much at that time, but today I can see how my work as a teacher was creating this passion called Daybook.

Various artistic pieces of pottery sitting on the ground beside a potter's barn
Broken or imperfect pieces decorate the entrance to The Potter's Barn.

Turn Right for The Potter's Barn

I have passed the weekend sign on the corner of Highway C40A nearly every time we travel through Inglis headed to Yankeetown, Florida. In fact, I have been seeing this sign for nearly 3 years. Each time I would point it out and read it out loud. I wanted to go, but for one reason or another, I always turned left and not right. I finally get to share this with you because just recently,  I turned right.

A sign reading Potter's Barn is Open with an arrow pointing right.
A great sign but I never responded... until now!

the Potter's barn....Creativity in all directions

Her unassuming iron gate was open and gestured for us to drive in. We followed the gravel drive noticing that her property looked more like a park than a residence. There was creativity in every direction. As soon as we reached The Potter’s Barn and closed the car doors, we heard “Come in! I am so glad you decided to come see my space.”

A wrought iron gate at the entrance of The Potter's Barn

Time with the Potter

I spent over an hour in The Potter’s Barn. Alicia, the artist, was ready to share her space and tell her story. On the surface, it is easy to say that her passion is pottery and to think she has followed it most of her life. Ok, this is probably partially true but after connecting with her I was able to walk away knowing that pottery was the unexpected vehicle that drove her to find her life’s work.

A tall metal shelf with pottery ready to be glazed.
Organized, purposeful and welcoming.
An artist's sink surrounded by collectibles.
An essential spot that must hold a thousand stories.
A large kiln in a potter's workspace.
The luxury of an upright kiln.

Discovery by accident

Like many, Alicia discovered her art form by accident. She simply took an elective class in college to satisfy a requirement. After a few semesters, she found herself employed as a potter and focusing on her craft. She was putting in the hard work to become skilled. Many, many  years later, she finds herself with a thriving business, in an amazing, reclaimed barn on the property she and her husband have worked tirelessly to make their own. She sells a few pieces from her barn but mostly sells in a local shop where other local artists gather and encourage supporting small local businesses. Confirming even further that her hard work has landed her in a place she couldn’t have imagined while in her early twenties.

A handmade pottery sign that reads The Potter's Barn with a doorbell in the middle.
The details on her one-of-a-kind doorbell are samples of some of her favorite pieces.

Still Creating Pottery

Years later, she finds she is creating pottery. Her life’s work developed her passion, not the other way around.

A wall shelf with a collection of colored glass jars.
Collected over many years.

Life brings you to your passion

As we drove away, I realized that passion is not something we can force. I cannot allow the world to force me to “follow my passion”. I have had many careers and all of them have brought me to where I am right now…here, writing with you. Maybe it is wise to realize that you do not have to follow one passion. Life allows us to walk through seasons, do the work that is in front of us, and ultimately see that our passion has followed and evolved right alongside us. In so doing, we live a life we choose without the stress of “following our passion”.

painters palette clipart

Visit the potter's barn

If you find yourself near this uncommon place called Yankeetown, Florida on a Saturday, look for the open sign and visit Alicia in her peaceful potter’s barn. 

The Potter’s Barn in Yankeetown, FL & Coastal Art Gallery in Crystal River, FL

Coastal Art Gallery


Kristy Dodson

Kristy Dodson

I’m Kristy, the Daybook curiosity guide. Daybook is my archive of daily goings-on and journal for recording thoughts. Visit often, comment and let’s stay curious.


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