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Taking Our Home To A New House

Kristy Dodson
Kristy Dodson


Everything had become familiar. Life had been running at high speed. I could see inevitable change coming. Because of my choices over the previous two years, I had room to think and plan. We knew the time we had pondered was coming fast. It was time to pack our home of 20 plus years and begin something new. We would soon be taking our home to a new house.

Something New

Boredom isn’t something that I experience often. I am wired to keep learning and changing-I think we all are. When familiarity and complacency begin to collide boredom can sneak in. This happens in my thoughts, routines, and even relationships. I knew a new space would bring challenges but with that would come new thoughts and inspiration.

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The House We Called Home

The house we called Benningfield was our home. It is where we celebrated more occasions than we can count, cried many tears, ate a lot of good food, and laughed often. Every room had a purpose which often overlapped with others. This space called Benningfield mingled our souls, raised two children, spurred on a marriage, and heard prayers of all kinds. It was home and will always be the background of our life memories.

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Constant and Trustworthy

A home is like a best friend. You know it inside and out. It is there for you on the hard days. It is constant and trustworthy. Like a friend, it needs our attention, and we gladly respond. We pour so much into our homes and the return is precious. I still expect to hear the floor creak when John gets up at 4am. Sugar is still seeking out a sunny spot in the new house to warm in the sun. Something tells me the pantry door is still standing wide open.

Stillness came

Not-so-distant frustrations have now become a fond memory. In fact, muscle memory has had a fun time with me since moving. I find myself rubbing the wall with the back of my hand but not finding the light switch. Cooking has caused me to laugh and cry lately. This new kitchen is all turned around. All of this has slowed me down. Often bringing me to stillness. But isn’t that what I was looking for? I’m embracing this new space and it is carrying me as I unpack memories and begin to create new.

Taking Our Home to a new house

As I walked through Benningfield for the last time, I realized that the spaces we call rooms are not about the four walls. This unique place holds our remembrances. My ivory chair sat in my upstairs window and allowed me time to connect with God… just me and Him (and often my shadow, Sug). The maple showed its artistic side and gifted me with relaxing baths that never tired. The pleasing smell of baking in my sweet kitchen corner still calls my name. A sunny kitchen window welcomed the four of us to many meals around our well-loved table. The voices, the smells, the laughter and tears, even the single-paned, drafty windows all played a part of our house being our home. We may have left the four walls but home comes with us wherever we go.

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My Vision, Our New Home

Our new home is full of potential and that is what brought me here. I have a vision for every room. I see this house as our family gathering place… a place of comfort and security. A landing spot for our grown kids, parents, family, and friends…old and new. A place to come when you need rest, a good laugh, room to breathe, or a soft place to fall.

Breathing New Life

As for Benningfield, I know we left her in good hands. A young family similar to ours is breathing new life in her. The daughter said she would not change anything about her new room. My daughter left her mark there and I’m certain she will feel the love that was left behind. Their son wants his room to be blue. If only time had been more clever… I just painted over the best shade of blue that my son chose many moons ago. The mom shares the same name as my daughter and she welcomes nature as I do. She promised to look after the baby birds, the deer that visited for my rotten apples, and even Tammy our new turkey friend. As for the towhee that bathed outside of my window, I am sorry I took the birdbath. I’ll wait for you in our new place.

A turkey standing on the rail of a deck at a house.

A New Place Is Home

Our new place is still our home. Its bones are quite different, and it carries a different past, but we are here and our story is about to gain a new chapter. Stay close…future posts will keep you in the front row with the best view.

A screened porch in a house that is new home.

A New House Is Still Our Home

This move has been life changing and life breathing. Our lives are headed in different directions and that is okay. We raised our children to fly and now that they are beginning new adventures, it is time for us to fly as well. Our home is still the place we will gather and love one another. We’ve simply taken our home to a new house and along with us we brought ourselves.

Stay Curious…

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Kristy Dodson

Kristy Dodson

I’m Kristy, the Daybook curiosity guide. Daybook is my archive of daily goings-on and journal for recording thoughts. Visit often, comment and let’s stay curious.


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  1. I enjoy your Instagram page often and so glad to find your blog. Congratulations on the new home. Treasure the old memories and make some new beautiful ones.

  2. Loved reading this! Especially since I just heard that I might have to uproot ourselves again and move back to the USA from NZ! Helped me a lot to process my thoughts and look forward to creating more memories of a different kind and yes; GOD has us in his hands!🙏❤️

  3. Loved reading this! Especially since I just heard that I might have to uproot myself again and move back to the USA from NZ! Helped me a lot to process my thoughts and look forward to creating more memories of a different kind and yes; GOD has us in his hands ! 🙏❤️

  4. Loved reading this! Especially since I just heard that I might have to uproot myself again and move back to the USA from NZ! Helped me a lot to process my thoughts and look forward to creating more memories of a different kind and yes; GOD has us in his hand! 🙏❤️

  5. KD! So glad I stumbled upon your blog, Ed and I saw Solomon at a Vinings Bank barbecue earlier in the summer. I can’t believe you have moved and had a wedding all in one summer. Can’t wait to hear more about it. Miss seeing you and John. Xxxo ❤️

    1. LB! 🙂 SO good to hear from you. I am glad you stumbled in! I think of you often and wonder how you are. Yes, it has been a bit of a whirlwind this summer. I’d love to catch up with you. I am glad you are here!!

  6. Oh Kristy,
    What memories we all have from your Beningfield house…BUT, the best is yet to come. You are right, we take our home from place to place with those we love and those who make it a home! You have great vision and in no time that sweet little ranch will have your signature on it!

  7. Love this blog. I am in tune with your feelings of leaving an old friend. It’s difficult to leave all those memories but aren’t we glad we can hide those sweet memories in our hearts!!!
    Good luck in your new home.

  8. Oh my, let me swallow this lump in my throat! I love your positive outlook – makes me so proud! Great things are coming in your “new” home. Can’t wait to see what comes next! One of my favorite blogs so far! Keep writing! Love you bunches! ❤️

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