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Okra is ready in a hand of a gardener

Okra Is Ready

Kristy Dodson
Kristy Dodson


Okra is ready! This is no time to turn your back on your garden. If you are growing okra, you know how quickly it grows once it blooms. A quick check on my garden and I see that my okra is ready.

Planting Okra

I planted my okra a bit later than what is typical for my region. I simply did not have the garden space so I had to wait until a few of my bean plants were finished producing. I planted okra seed in mid-July this summer. Like most of my crops, I planted the okra in wide rows. This simply means I sow my seeds in wide areas and do not worry too much about precise spacing. Once the seeds sprout, you can thin them if you see they are too crowded.

Such a Show Stopper

About 2 months after planting, you will have tall, beautiful plants. The leaves are such a cool shape, and the flowers are some of the most beautiful blooms you will see in a vegetable garden. They are in the hibiscus family and offer many benefits.  While the vegetable is delicious, I enjoy the flowers as much as any part of the plant.

A large okra leaf ready for summer
A single okra bloom in a garden
Kristy standing under a large okra leaf.

A Fun Crop

Last year I was fortunate to receive several baskets of fresh okra from my gardening friend. I cooked a lot of it and froze several quart bags. This year I decided to grow some of my own. It was a good decision! I have had more fun watching my okra progress than any other plant I have grown. In fact, they have grown taller than me and the okra, well let me just show you!

A tall okra patch ready to bloom and produce okra pods

Save It For Later

Okra is quite versatile. It can be added to soups, stews, and gumbos. We especially like it fried or baked with a little parmesan. Okra also freezes well. I typically slice mine, place them in a single layer on a cookie sheet and let them freeze overnight. This allows them to freeze individually so that you can shake out the amount you need and return the rest to the freezer.

Sliced okra pods ready to be cooked

Okra Is Ready

If you plant okra, be ready with a knife and a basket. It is fascinating how the pods go from bloom to full size so quickly. As you see in my video, it can sneak up on you and become huge while you sleep! When okra is ready, okra is ready…it waits for no one!

Stay Curious,

planting seeds


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