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A basket of letters sent to mingle souls

Letters Mingle Souls

Kristy Dodson
Kristy Dodson


More than once I have heard him say “I miss Ms. Edna’s letters. It was something I looked forward to every week.” A handwritten letter in the mailbox has a way of changing our outlook. We quickly realize we are on someone’s mind. Our heart is warmed, and we are connected. Letters mingle souls.

A stack of cards and letters mingling souls on top of a dresser

The Book Held The Names

I remember seeing her letters on the kitchen table the day they arrived. They’d eventually make their way to a basket on the wooden phone cart in the kitchen. The cart was always jammed but offered anything you might need. Behind the cabinet door, you’d find several heavy, thin-paged, yellow phone books that had been dropped off on every doorstep. These were my early teachers in alphabetizing and research. There was junk mail and pens that were most likely freebies scattered around the cart, but I now appreciate that the family address book gave the cart its purpose. Written in my mom’s handwriting (mostly), this modest book held the names, addresses, and phone numbers of anyone important. It was a constant and was the reason we stopped at this spot in the kitchen (except for when the phone rang).

Her Letters Mingled Our Souls

My grandmother would write to my mom and dad nearly every week. Oh, how I wish I had appreciated and read those letters as a child. These letters kept the four hundred miles from seeming so far away. My grandmother never considered her everyday activities to be insignificant. She knew that day-to-day living was what created life. She never hesitated to tell mom about the bird she saw in her garden or the new lily that was blooming. These treasures were mixed right into the letter with sermon details and family comings and goings. The written word was necessary and treasured. In a time when social media was not even in one’s imagination and a phone call outside of your city was considered long-distance and expensive, letters were commonplace. Our feelings and wishful conversations become written words. Her letters mingled our souls.

You Crossed My Mind

I wonder, have we forgotten how we need each other’s words? A letter is evidence that you crossed my mind today. You know you are not alone when a letter is quietly resting in the mailbox at the end of an ordinary day. The worries of the moment fade, even for just a moment, when we see our name written in someone’s unique handwriting. You crossed someone’s mind; maybe you lingered there for a while. When our words are written they are carefully chosen and stream from the conscience.  A personal connection is made without a word spoken, a post made, or the send button hit.

A hand holding a pen ready to write a letter on a white card

Letters Mingle Souls

Before I eagerly open the envelope, I stand still for a moment and realize I matter. The letter was chosen, written, thoughtfully considered, and touched by another. For my grandmother, it was her way of loving us and letting us experience her day right beside her. The quote “Letters Mingle Souls” has stuck with me for nearly thirty years. I used to collect stamps. This was one of the first stamps I saved, and these words often go through my mind when I write letters or send a quick note. While stamp artwork is appealing, sometimes written words do more than pictures.

Write the Letter

When she comes to mind, write. When you notice something special about someone across the room, write. If he helped you find a new hobby or passion, write. When you think about them, write. Whatever brings someone to mind today let it inspire you to find your favorite pen, slow down for a minute, and capture your thoughts. A letter from you matters and can be read over and over again when the days are hard, lonely, or simply quiet. It is not an accident that I thought about you. We need each other. We need the written word because letters mingle souls.  

Stay Curious,

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Kristy Dodson

Kristy Dodson

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  1. Dear Friend,
    Thank you for the beautifully written from the heart letter you wrote me! It absolutely touched my soul & yes I did shed a few tears! ❤️ I will always keep it & cherish your sweet words!

  2. Oh my! That caught me off guard and might have put a lump in my throat. Precious memories, how they linger. Wonderful words today ❤️

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