Let's rekindle some joy by wetting our paint brushes again.

Let’s rekindle some joy by rediscovering what we love

Kristy Dodson
Kristy Dodson


It has been a long while since I picked up a paintbrush. Like most everyone, my life takes different paths, and some things I love begin to be placed in the background. This is simply part of life and without this happening, I would miss so many detours that make me curious and give me new challenges and loves. However, my love for art still exists and today I decided to wake it up. Let’s rekindle some joy by rediscovering what we love!

These Golden Acrylic Paints are vibrant and tempting on this palette.
Golden Acrylic paint palette

She Inspires Me to Stay Curious

I have always enjoyed art in many forms…painting, pottery, design, collecting…art just brings joy!! For those who do not know, I have a daughter that is a very gifted artist. She has always had a gift for getting her vision on paper. Because of her constant inspiration, I have found a new curiosity for painting.

This past weekend it was rainy and chilly outside so I made her a proposition. I’d make her a green smoothie if she would paint with me. I got a quick yes and we started choosing what to paint. I’ve been inspired by my trip to Texas lately, so I suggested we paint some of the wildflowers from my photographs. Her supplies were set and ready so that kept me from becoming discouraged by not having the “perfect” supplies (gosh, this can really stop me in my tracks!!). We used her favorite acrylic paints and spent the day painting by the window, listening to quiet music, and sharing our discoveries on paper.

Rediscover A Former Love

Is there a love you have walked away from temporarily? Although it may be buried or tucked away, the love is still there. If it is piquing your interest again, don’t ignore it; let’s rekindle some joy by rediscovering what we love. What do you want to rediscover? Stay curious and find your inspiration today. I would love to hear about what you find.

My painting was inspired by Texas wildflowers.
My painting of Texas wildflowers.
These are the two wildflower paintings my daughter and I painted together.
Our paintings…side by side
Stay curious and find inspiration. I was inspired by flowers.
Kristy Dodson

Kristy Dodson

I’m Kristy, the Daybook curiosity guide. Daybook is my archive of daily goings-on and journal for recording thoughts. Visit often, comment and let’s stay curious.


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