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Keep The Change

Kristy Dodson
Kristy Dodson


One thing we all have in common is change. If you are alive, there is change happening all around you. We run from change, crave change and if we are wise, we keep the change.

Keep the Change, Write Your Story

One reason, a big reason, I write this blog is because of change. If you have read my Me page, you have a little bit of insight into some of my recent changes. I have never been one to talk much about myself but that is something I have chosen to work on. I want to find connections with others, so I am finally slowing down and discovering that everyone has a story and we all have something we need to hear.  Like you, my life changed in 2020 without giving me much of a choice. Like it or not, it was time to adjust. With change comes a story.

shelves of books in a store

Books are proof that life is full of change and that change is what creates our story.

Becoming Complacent

I became complacent in my day-to-day. I was making a difference as a teacher but what about all the other aspects of my life. Honestly, I had such tunnel vision that I did not give much attention to other dimensions of life, and that had to change. Complacency is a dangerous place to be and an even worse place to stay. We all get there, it is natural, but I had to wake up and step out of my complacency. As scary as it was, I had to embrace change.

Change Comes Without Thought

As soon as our feet hit the floor, change is happening. Thankfully, we do not have to think about every variation that happens. We can enjoy the changes in weather, seasons, sunsets, and sunrises. They are gifts from God and if we take time to notice them, they can be the breath of fresh air we need to stay encouraged. In fact, it is this that creates the wonder of life.

Change Keeps Us Young

Change isn’t always drastic. I often switch things up just to keep my mind and day-to-day tasks fresh. A teacher friend used to ask me why I changed my parking spot on occasion. I think it drove her crazy when she couldn’t find my car since almost everyone parked in the same spot nearly every day. After realizing that the simple act of walking to my car had gone into autopilot, I began moving to a new spot every few weeks to keep my mind alert. It works. I can’t tell you how many times I would walk my “old route” to my car, get there, and laugh because my car was not there. Change keeps us young.

painted sign reading Life Doesn't Have to be Perfect to be Wonderful

Without change, we never discover the new….new loves, new hobbies, new talents, new foods, new friends, new direction, new purpose, new focus. The list can go on. I am learning to embrace it and life has become more vibrant than my mind could’ve dreamed. ~Daybook

The New Came

When I was growing up, I wanted curly hair. Mine was as straight as straight can be. My patient and understanding mom took on the task of trying to fulfill my dream of having curly hair. I lost count of the number of Ogilvie Home Perms she gave me in our kitchen. I never seemed to remember the horrible smell and the cold goop running down my face. All of this for change that did not come…yet. I never got that curly hair as a young person. But, with patience time has a way of working things out in just the right season. Without any effort of my own, my hair is now becoming curly (maybe just wavy but who cares!). I just let it do whatever it wants to do and low and behold…it has waves!! Blame it on age or hormones. I don’t care; the new came, and I am keeping the change!

Chase It Or Run From It

The harder shift comes when we must choose to do differently. I find I adjust when I’ve almost reached saturation, which I’m learning is just about too late. Over time, I have changed my routine, how I exercise, my food choices, and even my career. These changes came as a response to how my body felt, both physically and mentally. Writing it here seems easy, but it has been far from comfortable. However, the effects of change continue to remind me that I made a good choice. I have a new daily routine that is not reactionary, I exercise because it refreshes me not because it is a chore, I am intentional about what I eat and why, and I spend my time being purposeful about my life and not following what others expect of me all the time.

Release The Grip

My tendency is to keep a tight grip on the way my life flows. I hold on tight to what I think makes me complete. My tendency is to dwell on what I’ll be losing if I turn loose or let go. I love the familiar things of life! I’m discovering I must release my grip on one thing in order to be free to grab hold of something new.

You Cannot Go With God And Stay Where You Are.

Henry Blackaby

four ducks on the water

The one duck with his head up is the reason I captured this picture. I think he must be looking for something different, a change from the day-to-day.

Keep The Change

Run from it, crave it, chase it, but when change finally happens, grab it. Allow it to transform you. Meditate on it. Pray about it. Don’t let it just fill your mind; let it soak into your heart where real transformation happens. Release your grip and see what happens when you keep the change!

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