Wooden rattan chair with pink towels stacked next to a white bathtub

7 Tips For Creating Your Calm Bath Space

Kristy Dodson
Kristy Dodson


I have frequently been the first to say I do not have time for a long bath. However, once I began creating a space that was just for me, that sentiment changed. These 7 tips for creating your calm bath space might be exactly what you need to embrace even a small gift of time and uncover the benefits of relaxing.

A wooden bath tray over a white soaking tub with a plant and candle on top.
Adding a bathtub tray was one of the best decisions I made. Instant, affordable luxury!!

Out With The Old

When we moved into our home there had been very few updates completed. Our bathroom had the large garden tub in the corner and boy was it a monster! Because of its size, it took forever to fill up and did not stay warm for very long. The craziest discovery was that the builder had to have installed the tub before finishing the walls or ceiling. There was no way to lift it and it certainly was not going through the doorway. We had to bust it into pieces to begin creating a calm bath space.

7 tips for creating your calm bath space.

Your Calm Bath Space

I simply share this to encourage you not to quit before you start. We were overwhelmed at first but took the remodeling step by step. We did all of the work ourselves and practiced patience (this was hard!). However, in due time, I ended up with a place that is uniquely mine. I now make time to be in this calm bath space.

A bathroom vanity with a colorful upholstered chair on the right.

7 Tips for Creating Your Calm Bath Space

Below, you’ll find 7 tips for creating your calm bath space. I could certainly give more ideas but my hope is that you find some inspiration while browsing through this list and begin creating your unique bath space.

1 ~Use Natural Decor

A green plant on a bathtub tray in front of a sunny window

One of the easiest ways to add calm to a room is by using natural materials and textures. Plants and other items from nature are probably my favorite items to use in any room. Not only are they calming, but they give a splash of color and help to clean the air naturally. I also try to use natural cotton towels, hand-made soaps, and natural brushes. While this may not always be realistic, I at least try to splurge a bit in this space.

2 ~Declutter Your Space

A bathroom vanity with clean countertops and peachy walls

Goodness! This is such a hard one for me. Keeping the clutter under control is a constant struggle around here. There always seems to be something that needs to be put away. So, what is working? I’ve challenged myself to always put everything away before I leave the space. Don’t be mislead…this often means what is happening behind the cabinet doors and in the drawers is less than calm! This is when the saying “out of sight, out of mind” works for me. I know it needs attention, but for now, I can enjoy the gift of time in a calm bath space.

3 ~Let Your Collections Steal The Show

A rattan chair with a floral seat and folded pink towels on top.

I am one to fall in love with something and eventually have several of those things. Luckily, I have a definite style I like so I’m not just bringing in a myriad of items. Lately, I’m using my collections as decor in a space. For example, in my bathroom, I use quality towels to fill baskets, shelves, and even the seat of my chair by the tub. It gets these “pretties” out of the closet and on center stage. This prevents clutter and reminds me to find joy in using that soft, fluffy towel.

4 ~Add Family Finds

A decorative mirror hanging over a bathtub next to a window.

There is something especially comforting about family treasures sprinkled around the house. The bathroom is no exception. I’ve chosen a family mirror over the bathtub, added a few bird statues by the window, and pulled in some inherited pieces for the shelves. These offer comfort, calm, and a sense of belonging. This simple detail allows me to be intentional about the space so that it remains my space.

5 ~Let Color Create Calm

A colorful grass basket with bath accessories inside.

Color has a huge role in our life. Subtly, it offers joy, excitement, rest, or peace. Creating your calm bath space may require experimenting with colors you wouldn’t usually choose for other rooms. To create calm, I use muted tones of some of my favorite colors. Browns become tan while pinks and greens become blush and moss. Avoiding contrasting colors and leaning into nature is a natural way to bring calmness to a space.

6 ~Add Unique Containers

An antique round glass jar with lid half full of bath salts.

As someone who loves organization, I am drawn to beautiful jars, bowls, baskets, and trays. This is a perfect place to use these gems! I get rid of the commercial containers in order to create a more peaceful, unified feeling. Add bath salts to wide-mouth jars, natural soaps fit nicely in a basket, while brushes can rest on a tray or in a vase. The key is finding and using containers you love that work for your bath collections.

7 ~Treat Your Senses

An ivory colored essential oil diffuser in a bathroom.

All of your senses can be awakened when you create your calm bath space. Essential oils can be used in a diffuser to soothe our sense of smell. I enjoy lavender but frankincense is my most recent love. Don’t forget to add art to your bathroom walls for nostalgia, reflection, or just enjoyment. One of my favorite accessories is my bath pillow. Find one that fits your body and I recommend that it be easily thrown into the washing machine. A few other treats are lamps, a Bluetooth speaker for soft music, and your favorite drink. You are in for a treat!

You Are Worth A Calm Bath Space

It is often hard to carve out time for ourselves. However, since changing careers and adjusting quite a bit of how I use my days, I’ve learned the importance of putting myself first. This may not happen every day but when it does I’m quickly reminded of the significance. Stay curious and create your calm bath space. You really are worth it!

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Kristy Dodson

Kristy Dodson

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